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Heating Tune-Up

Trusted Heating Tune-Up and Maintenance

If you want peace of mind that you’ll be warm and cozy all winter long, we recommend annual heating tune-ups in the fall or early winter. You may not be able to completely prevent heating system breakdowns, but you can help avoid them, save money, improve comfort, and maintain your manufacturer’s warranty with professional maintenance from Harris Heating and Air. Being without heat during the winter can be a miserable experience, especially when you have to wait for service because everyone else in town is having the same problem.

Professional Heating Tune-Up Benefits:

  1. Prevent Repairs - Up to 70% of heating repairs can be prevented with proper annual maintenance. Neglecting to perform regular maintenance can lead to costly repairs, breakdowns, and other unexpected malfunctions.
  2. Improve Safety and Comfort - With regular maintenance, technicians are able to catch small problems before they become serious and costly. A licensed technician will clean, inspect, and lubricate crucial components to ensure safety and comfort all year long.
  3. Improved Efficiency - Would you go five years without changing the oil in your car? Of course not! Much like your car, your heating system needs frequent maintenance to run efficiently. A technician will thoroughly inspect your system, cleaning and testing various parts to make sure it’s operating at the optimal level.
  4. Longer Life - Annual maintenance can prolong the life of your heating system by up to 10 years! That’s nearly double the lifespan of a neglected heating system.

Annual tune-ups are critical to the performance of your furnace. We will check all of your vents, burners and safety and control circuits, then clean the inside and outside of the heating equipment. Keep your heating system operating at peak safety and efficiency with annual precision tune-ups from Harris Heating and Air.